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Vaccination Policy

PCTI requires all students have an immunization record on file. All students and faculty should have documented proof regarding the immunity of the following:

Measles, Mumps, Rubella

All students born after December 31, 1956 must present documented proof of receiving immunizations for the Measles. There must be proof of 2 vaccinations received at least 28 days apart or 2 doses for the Measles and one for Rubella. The vaccinations must have been received after your first birthday and after December 31st, 1968.


All students must present documented proof of vaccination/immunity to hepatitis B as described by the following: Proof of 3 total doses of the hepatitis B vaccine must be shown. Proof of immunity by a blood test lab result or a written statement from a healthcare provider documenting a diagnosis of hepatitis B must be shown. This must include the date of the diagnosis and be signed by the healthcare provider.


All students must present documented proof of vaccination/immunity to meningococcal meningitis as described by receiving 1 dose of the meningitis vaccine.


Childhood immunization records
Health Department records

Laboratory test results demonstrating immunity
Military service records
School immunization records

All written and typed documents must be signed by a licensed physician and turned in to the office. Phone calls are not acceptable.

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