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Policy on Diversity

PCTI has made a multicultural, multiracial, and a gender-balanced student body a high priority. PCTI is, and will remain, very receptive to diversity within our institution. PCTI shall remain open to all races, genders, and ethnicities, and not judge these individuals on their content. PCTI strives to create and promote a welcoming environment to all individuals in order to retain and support a culturally diverse faculty and staff. The programs of PCTI as well aim to incorporate a diverse and multicultural community that upholds leadership and scholarship. We value all students, male or female, and view them as equals all making efforts to achieve their goals. We strive to provide support, guidance, and maintain excellence among every student within PCTI. All of the policies and procedures of PCTI are structured to encourage and promote diversity and individualism.

Current 2019 Outlook:
Current Enrollment: 274
84% Male
16% Female

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