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Policy of Students with Disabilities

The Students with Disabilities Policy here at PCTI provides a hospitable and convivial arrangement for the teaching and learning practices for students with disabilities. These services guarantee that all students can benefit their education in a supportive, yet productive, manner that values our goals here at PCTI.


Standard for Curriculum: All students are provided equal access to the general education curriculum. Students with disabilities shall acquire these skills with precedential training and preparation. PCTI strives to assure that no qualified person with a disability shall be denied access, involvement, and achievement of any program within PCTI. Each qualified student will be given suitable accommodations to provide efficient access to all opportunities and activities provided by PCTI.


Facility Access: Each program shall be accessible to all individuals, including students with disabilities. Facilities, such as classrooms, entrances, and parking are designed in ways that provide access to students with disabilities. Handicapped parking shall only be provided to students who have proper documentation concerning the disability on file with PCTI and a visible Disabled Parking Placard issued by the Texas Department of Public Vehicles. All program tuitions and financial amounts shall be provided at the same costs for both disabled and non-disabled students, and any other student who is qualified for entry into their respective program.


Coordination of Programs: Determination to whether a student is qualified for disabled student accommodations will be based upon the requirements of faculty members and instructors within the limits of federal or state law. If a student disagrees with the proper accommodations, the disagreement shall be provided in written documentation to Mrs. Poole for resolution. It is the student’s responsibility to provide proper documentation of his/her disability. Documentation of the disability must be provided within 2 weeks of identifying the appropriate issue. Prior to receiving the requested accommodations, the student shall provide PCTI with current medical and other diagnostic documentation of the disability from a qualified physician. Determinations of disability include:


  • Current documentation of the specific disability
  • Proper request of accommodations and services provided for the disability
  • Medical documentation

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