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Leave Of Absences 


An interruption in course progression due to a documented unforeseen circumstance with an approved reason and a documented intent to return to complete the educational program.


  • The student shall be responsible for completing a written leave of absence request form.
  • The student submitting the request shall be currently enrolled in classes or enrolled during the last semester.
  • The student shall have a history of performing satisfactorily on all course work as defined by the program academic progression policy. The associate director of student services will review the academic progress as part of the determining factors in granting a leave.
  • The student shall document a reasonable intent of returning to complete course of study. An expected date of return and a plan for completion of course work must be included.
  • The request shall be made prior to the start date of the leave unless unforeseen circumstances arise. In such an instance, the director of admissions or associate director of student services can approve a leave of absence. 
  • The leave of absence shall not exceed 180 days in any 12-month period as outlined by Title IV regulations.
  • Reasons for Approved Leave of Absences:
  • Illness of self or family member
  • Death in family
  • Birth of baby or situations covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • Financial difficulty
  • Military duty
  • Jury duty
  • Other circumstances as approved by the leave of absence ad hoc committee (members listed in approval process).

All other absences shall be considered an unapproved leave of absence. Unapproved absences will be treated as a withdrawal, and the proper withdrawal procedures shall be activated.

 The Registrar will notify the following departments with the results of the request:

– Financial Aid
– Admissions Office
– Faculty of the classes for which the student is currently enrolled
– Advisers
– Other necessary faculty or staff as part of daily operational needs

Failure to Return:

Failure to return from an approved leave of absence shall be considered a withdrawal. The withdrawal date shall reflect the start date of the leave of absence even though the leave was approved. The withdrawal policy shall then be implemented.

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