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Utilizing multiple medium to large scale datasets, students can expect to gain a large amount of knowledge in statistical analyses, data manipulation, and warehousing.


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Gain direction from industry standard leadership and developers. At PCTI, we pride ourselves on our expert built curriculum, student centric leadership, and mastery. There is no other program in Houston that touts the intelligence and delivery of our instructors.



We’re Houston’s one and only coding school that’s fully accredited! That’s right…we offer grants, scholarships, and tuition assistance. No student will ever lose out on their success due to an inability to pay.


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Our objective is to academically prepare students in careers related to Data Science and Analytics. Included careers are Certified Database Administrators, Data Scientists, Database Developers, SQL Developers, and Analysts. Students will learn the role of enterprise data systems in business and why they are vital to the success of any organizations.

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OBJECTIVE: The objective of the Computer Programming – Data Science program is to academically prepare students to become Data Architects, Data Network Engineers, Data Application Managers, Database Administrators, Database Developers, SQL Developers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Warehouse Analysts, Application Analysts, Software Analysts, and data scientists. Students will learn how to manage and maintain database management system software for enterprise software systems, in addition to analyzing and designing applications that interface with Structure Query Language (SQL). This program covers the development of SQL databases, as well as writing and testing code by way of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL. This program will also provide a foundation for completing and understanding more advanced tools within Python such as scripting, web programming, data science, and even machine learning.

OCCUPATIONS: Database Administrator, Database Developer, SQL Developer, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Warehouse Analyst, Application Analyst, Software Analyst, Data Scientists, Software Engineers

PREREQUISITE: Intermediate level computer knowledge









IT Essentials CS100 60 00 4.00
Database Fundamentals DS101 60 00 4.00
SQL Development DS102 60 60 6.00
Data Warehousing DS200 60 60 6.00
Introduction to Python DS201 60 60 6.00
Python for Data Science DS202 60 60 6.00
Machine Learning DS250 30 60 4.00
SQL Data Systems DS260 30 15 2.00
Capstone Project DBA600 30 90 4.00
Career Counseling CAR500 30 15 2.00
    480 420 44

Cost: $16000 (Includes free laptop, course materials, and exam fees)

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For those of us that actually work (hard stare at bootcamps), all classes are in the evening with weekend lab time


PCTI is not for the dreamers; PCTI is for the doers. In our 10 month program, you’ll learn the tools, foundations, and the fundamentals that you need to take your career to the next level.

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