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Data Science Assessment 2019

Welcome to PCTI’s 2019 Tech Assessment Quiz. This assessment is designed to test your technical and critical thinking comprehension among a series of logic and technology related questions. The goal of this assessment is to test your understanding across much of the subject matter to be taught throughout our various tech programs — this test does nothing more than gauge your approach to a given problem. It gives our team a glimpse at the way you think at the margin. Try your hardest to complete the assessment within the allotted time frame; However, the correctness of your answers are more important.

Once the assessment is completed, a team member will contact you for review. If you have issues, please email our staff at or call 713-825-4339.

Things to remember:

Time available: 35 minutes
Can I retake the test? No
How many questions: 20
Subjects covered: Technology, math, science, logic game

Good luck!


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