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Houston HVAC Training and Certification

The Building Maintenance — Air Conditioning and Heating (HVAC), and Refrigeration program is structured to provide the skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary for employment as an entry level technician in the refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, electrical, and facility maintenance industry. PCTI’s comprehensive program of theory combined with extensive “hands-on” training, both in the classroom and in the lab, impress upon students the importance of accepting individual responsibility for the proper diagnosis and repair of various systems.PCTI graduates will have the technical skills for an entry-level position as a maintenance technician,electrical technician, or in installation and service of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. Other career options include maintaining and monitoring major installations in hospitals, large offices and industrial buildings, or manufacturing HVAC equipment as a field technician or troubleshooter. Many graduates at PCTI will complete the program to pursue self-employment as an HVAC Contractor.

Objective: To provide specialized occupational training in a course offering in air conditioning and heating as it applies to building maintenance. Students will learn how to troubleshoot problems, install equipment, service equipment, and apply electrical principles to building maintenance air conditioning and heating equipment.Occupations: Building Maintenance Specialist, Building Maintenance Mechanic, Air Conditioning and Heating Specialist, Equipment Serviceman, Apartment Maintenance Mechanic, Electrician, Electrical Technician, Steam Fitter, HVAC Specialist in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, and engineering and air conditioning companies.

Prerequisites: High School Diploma, or GED, or equivalent of a high school diploma from a home school.

Total Credit Hours: 54 (40 Weeks)

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