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New Programs for PCTI


The year started off at PCTI with a bang, as new changes to programming brought a new atmosphere and greater outlook to the PCTI family. Monday through Thursday, students in the new Cisco Networking Academy are able to indulge in the world of IT through Web Programming, Database Administration, and Desktop and Mobile Programming. The lab experience has truly been enhanced as students discover the inter-networking of the computer world, placing them in the ranks of highly skilled individuals in a technological society. Vocational English as a Second Language has also been added to programming to meet the needs of the growing number of Hispanic students who are skilled workers, but desire to further develop their English skills to land a position in a solid career.


Students were given a day off to just relax and fellowship with their peers for our first Student Appreciation Day of 2016. With a potluck style atmosphere, students and staff enjoyed dishes and recipes to help celebrate their achievements. Pastor Karl Minor of The Church of Grace Fellowship Church encouraged students with a powerful message of the importance of “finishing the race”. Awards were given to selected students for their outstanding work and/or perfect attendance in each of the programs. Our Presidential Award went to Ms. Charity Bibbs for her dedication and determination to finish her schooling s she rose above homelessness. Ms. Charity Bibbs is a student that is admired by her peers as well as the staff. She consistently maintains a pleasant attitude and you never hear her complain as her sweet spirit exudes beyond the classroom.


This quarter also brought us new partnerships with organizations such as “Hope for U.S. Veterans”, and visits from Pastors of several churches and organizations such as AVANCE Houston, HISD Multilingual Educational Program, YMCA International, and Aldine ISD counselors.

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